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We specialize in consumer collections and the recovery of uncollected debts.  Our debt collection specialists are curtious and professional.  Our staff are available to help clients in nearly every state.


Our collection philosophy at Apple Recovery is that whenever a company issues a valid sercie or product to a customer, the company should be paid for services rendered or products delivered.  Once you turn an account over to us for collection, we work the account professionally and consistently until payment is received.


At Apple Recovery our job is to see that the debt is settled in a manner that everyone can live with - you, your original creditor and us. By working with you we sincerely hope that can be the case.


With a wealth of experience in the debt resolution industry, Apple Recovery is focused in finding workable solutions for resolving your specific bill. Chances are, if your reading this, yours is one of those debts. But here’s the good news. After years of working with consumers like you, we have come to understand that in most cases bills go unpaid because financial circumstances make it difficult if not impossible to pay at the time. Most people don’t get credit cards with the intention of charging up the bill and walking away. And if you are like most consumers in this situation, you want to get out from under this bill, without going broke to do it. 

We are here to help resolve your debt in a friendly and fair manor.

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